Sometimes payments are unsuccessful, and this often happens when your bank or payment provider experiences an issue processing your payment. Please see the list below to understand some common reasons a payment may fail:

  •   Your card details may no longer be correct (have you recently received a new card?)
  •   Your bank account or card may have insufficient funds
  •   You may be using a card issued in, a restricted country
  •   You are using an anonymous proxy to access the internet
  •   Your bank is denying the payment due to other reasons, which we are unaware of
  •   The payment provider did not approve the payment

Please check with your bank, or contact your payment provider for more information about why the payment was not accepted.

Otherwise, it could be that:

  •   You may have entered your payment information over one year ago, and your details need to be refreshed   (For recurrent payments or donations)
  •   Your card has expired, or the expiration date is incorrect